Thursday, 22 January 2015

Call Us for Callus!

Psychics and fortune tellers often claim the ability to read into people’s past and future by studying the lines in the palms of their hands. Funny enough, Chiropodists can also tell wonders about people’s foot health and predict future pain and problems simply by looking at the calluses on their feet — although there’s nothing magical about it!

The better comparison might be to your automobile mechanic investigating uneven tread wear on your tires. The skin on your feet, like vehicle tires, is where “the rubber meets the road.” In the same way, the bones, ligaments, and muscles underneath are like your body’s suspension, struts, and shock absorbers, cushioning, carrying, and adapting to the ground below.

If your mechanic spots uneven tire wear on your vehicle, step one is likely a new set of tires. While you can’t trade your feet in for a new set, thankfully your Chiropodist is uniquely qualified to reduce and remove the callus effectively.

However, while unpleasant, calluses should be regarded as a symptom of a problem and not the problem itself. Simply replacing a set of unevenly worn tires without fixing the issue causing the uneven wear will quickly result in another unevenly worn set of tires. Calluses are no different. They will return unless what’s causing them is properly addressed.

Calluses form because of undesired friction over pressure points. Often it’s an issue with your foot’s structure that creates this wear problem. Your mechanic would view uneven tire wear as a clue to uncovering underlying problems with your vehicle’s shocks or suspension.

Similarly, Chiropodists will examine the location, thickness, and other properties of calluses and relate their findings to the bones, muscles, and ligaments in your feet, along with other medical factors affecting your foot health. Together, these things help them diagnose and treat the underlying problems that are causing the calluses, at the same time treating conditions such as foot, heel, ankle, and knee pain that often occur with the same kinds of structural foot problems that result in callus formation. This is why calluses can be a predictor of future foot pain and problems.


CALLUS REMOVAL: Chiropodists use a scalpel and specialized instruments to reduce and remove calluses painlessly without the need for undesirable practices such as “foot soaks” which may spread fungus and infection even with sanitization.

PRESCRIPTION CREAMS: Your Chiropodist may provide you with a specially formulated moistening cream to prevent drying of the skin in areas prone to callus buildup.

FOOTWEAR: Chiropodists know your feet best, and will provide advice on the right kind of footwear for your foot type.

CUSTOM ORTHOTICS: Orthotics that are properly prescribed and provided by a Chiropodist for your foot problems, as well as specialized cushioning devices, help normalize problems with your foot structure, eliminating the friction points that cause callus buildup

DIABETES: Pressure points that lead to callus formation can eventually lead to a complete breakdown of the skin in people with diabetes, causing serious wounds called ulcers. Your Chiropodist can help prevent this. People with diabetes should NEVER try cutting or removing calluses themselves, since this can also cause an ulcer or infection.

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